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Ed Tracey

Committed to serve the citizens of Washington City


Who is Ed Tracey?

I am a 12 year Air Force Veteran and father of four who takes pride in being immensely active in the local Washington community. I am the president and CEO of the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce and the Director of StreetFest / First Friday Events. I am also a board member of Washington City Cotton Days, and the Washington County Fair.

Pride in our community.
Preserving history.

Ed and his children l-r: Hunter, Meredith, Foster, Ashton.

The important local issues

Conservation initiatives about water

I am an advocate for conservation and committed to continuing the discussion about creating a sustainable source of water. I encourage water-wise decision-making in regard to future growth in Washington.

Strategic, planned growth

  • An impressive amount of good planning for growth has already taken place, we should understand that. Growth for Washington City is necessary. I want to put people’s minds at ease, understanding that future growth will propel Washington City to the forefront of Washington County.

  • Smart growth begins with good infrastructure. We should ensure that our roads are in good condition and that traffic lights are put in place to protect our citizens, especially youth. Additionally, we should ensure that our public services are properly equipped to meet the challenges associated with growth.

Spirit of Dixie
Volunteer of the Year 

Small business intrinsic to economic development

My resume of supporting small businesses is what sets me apart from the other candidates. If you have a business in Washington City, I will do what I can to help your business thrive.​

  • The area around Exit 13 is likely to experience exponential growth. While I welcome the growth in this area, we should also take care to protect the nearby landscape and preserve our environment.

  • Economic Development, one of my strengths and what I do full-time for the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, brings jobs, higher wages, and contributes to our tax base to help fund public services.

  • Equitable employment opportunities for all.

12 yr Air Force Veteran
Ed web1.jpg
All about Community!
With Hildale Mayor Donia Jessop, Fair Director Susi Lafaele, Hurricane Mayor John Bramhall
MC at Salute to WWII Veterans

What is Ed all about?

My community involvement

I support economic development and small businesses.

  • I'm President/CEO of the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce

  • I believe I can help create More Jobs in Washington City for anyone who is in need.

    • This will create living wages.

    • Economic Development strengthens our tax base, better funding public services.

I participate in and have created engaging experiences in the local area.

  • Director of StreetFest, First Friday Events

  • Board member, Washington County Economic Development

  • Board Member Washington City Cotton Days

  • Board Member Washington County Fair

  • Washington City Lions Club

  • 2018 Spirit of Dixie Volunteer of the Year Recipient 

  • Organizer and promoter of local community events - Valentine’s Day Dance, Community Drive-In Movie Nights, Movie & Music Night

  • Co-host of Southern Utah Live, weekly live stream show focusing on our community, with Fair Director, Susi Lafaele.

I have given my time and effort to many local fundraising efforts.

  • Helped raise much-needed funds for Root4Kids/The Learning Center 

  • Helped raise funds for George Washington Academy Parent-Teacher Organization

  • Raised funds for Global Education Philanthropists Organization 

  • Raised funds for Southwest Symphony. 

  • Raised funds for Dixie Sunrise Rotary 

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